During our childhood days, we all have tried to make some transformations in our old fashion styles, so as to look a little different and better than others. The beauty of fashion and its innovative trends make our life more colourful and energetic. When we embrace fashion with our heart, it brings confidence in our personality. The immortal fashion is blessed with a strong influencing power. In its different forms, fashion has always influenced new generations to invent something new for themselves. One such influencing fashion trend nowadays is the Streetwear fashion. Streetwear fashion trend has created a different space for itself in today’s fashion industry. With its unique styles, this fashion trend is encompassing the young hearts of energetic Streetwear fans around the world.
Streetwear fashion blends the elements of formal and active styles for a particular look, focusing more on being casual, cool and comfortable. Streetwear fashion has changed the perception of people regarding a particular outfit. Many sporty outfits were modified into street style outfits, providing us more ways to look cooler. Streetwear fashion is the most trending fashion among today’s generation. We have a lot of innovative mix-match combinations to express ourselves and to impress others.
From a cute boy to a handsome hunk of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor has always stunned the youth with his fashion statements. He is an inspiration to all of us. Through his own athleisure brand SKULT, Shahid Kapoor has now shown that he is not only a fashion maniac but also is all set to rule the fashion world with his amazing Streetwear collection.
Recently I created a Sreet Style look featuring products from SKULT and Fugazee. Both these brands provide the all new Streetwear clothing with interesting designs at affordable prices. In my look, I came up with the combination of Black thumbhole tee and light Grey Melange hoodie, from SKULT with Grey faux leather Zipped joggers from Fugazee.
The level of comfort can be easily felt. This stunning thumbhole black tee, which is made up of 100% cotton, is increasing the charm of my look. To give a better casual look I took these Grey joggers from Fugazee. The fabric used in the Grey coloured Fugazee joggers is 100% cotton, increasing the soft touch of cotton and comfort level both. These Grey joggers are equipped with many other creative ideas of fashion. The side-zipped style with Grey faux leather knee panels is giving it a cool and stylish casual look. After blending the combination with the Grey Melange hoodie from SKULT, a fantastic look was formed. This look is energetically showing my intention to rock the streets with my strong fashion style.
Nowadays, street wear fashion is the most trending fashion among the youth. Many high fashion brands like SKULT and Fugazee are coming up with street wear collections at very affordable prices.